Ghost Recon Breakpoint finally revealed

Ubisoft has officially revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the sequel to open world shooter Wildlands.

The action takes place on the island of Auroa, where you escape enemies by camouflaging yourself using the environment. You’ll also use tech as Auroa Island is home to the Skell Technology facility, where the drones play a key role. A rogue group of Ghosts called The Wolves, led by Lt. Colonel D. Walker, have taken control of the island and reprogrammed the drones. They are out to get you too, so watch out!

In Breakpoint you can give yourself serious injuries, although you can also heal, re-spec or change between one of the four character classes available at launch. You can customise your characters, with progression shared between the main campaign and the PvP game, the latter of which arrives at launch.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out on October 4th. Pre-order now for access to the Beta.

Oh, by the way, the actor from The Punisher is in it too. If that’s not enough to make you want to buy it, then what is?