Episode 57 | God Of What?

Well everyone, episode 57 is now live. This week we cover the usual starting with Joe who gets the podcast underway with the news including the release date of Insomniac Game’s Spider-Man and the unveiling of one of the worst kept secrets in gaming as of recent – The Spyro Reignited Trilogy (which yes, Nicole is super excited for as Rebecca states). It would seem September is shaping up to be a great (but expensive month) – prepare the post-release therapy for your purses and wallets listeners. Pressing on, Rebecca instigates discussion regarding whether or not couch multiplayer games should make a comeback as she introduces it as this weeks topic and Dan runs through our user questions (in Nic’s absence) alongside inquiring as to what everyone’s been playing this week (Joe’s been playing a lot again).

Plenty of discussion arises regarding Spider-Man’s game mechanics, God Of war and early access games (a topic we hope to revisit and discuss more extensively in a podcast to come).

Don’t forget to continue entering your Playstation screenshots for this months #PS4Share competition with the hashtag: #SQXOApril. This month’s prize is a set of Playstation one coasters which have been kindly supplied by Numskull Designs, so get entering if you hope to get your hands on them.








As Joe vaguely mentions in the introduction to this episode, we are now on Discord (HERE) so please feel free to join and interact with us there too.

We hope you enjoyed and thanks for listening.

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