EGX Rezzed 2018 – Day Three

Today was the final day of EGX Rezzed 2018 but as we know, all good things must come to an end. Over the course of the weekend I’ve played some great indie titles, interviewed developers and met some great people, with one day left to explore the show and plenty of games left to see lets get going.

Firstly I went to play the Ooblets demo this is a charming indie game by the developers at Gumberland. Ooblots is a mash up of popular franchises such as Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, the demo allows prospective players to play a segment of this life-simulation game as your enter a town, are paired with your own Ooblet and start to cultivate the land. This demo is very addictive and just like its inspiration’s I can see many people spending days exploring this charming game.

Next I found myself at the SEGA section of EGX Rezzed where Sonic Mania was available to play, although the game is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One there is a additional version mid-2018 called Sonic Mania Plus. As well as new material this version features upgraded graphics, extra characters and fresh content. I enjoyed playing this demo due to the retro styling of the game paired with bright backgrounds, levels were fun and diverse and the controls felt natural and easy to use. One of the aspects of Sonic Mania which I enjoyed the most was the ability to take different paths to the same end point, this means that replaying the levels was an exciting process rather than a tedious one. Fans of the released game should definitely keep their eyes peeled for the release of this extra content.

Planet Alpha was the next demo I got my hands on. Set on an alien planet this 2D Sidescroller is a action-adventure game which sees the main character stranded on a strange alien world with the ability to alter night and day to avoid hostile wildlife and manipulate the environment to create access points to progress through the world. The first thing to note about Planet Alpha is that its beautiful, great care and attention to detail has been added to the world and its inhabitants. The ability to change the time of day though the push of a button is also a very interesting concept. Team 17’s Planet Alpha is definitely one which I will keep my eyes on.

To close the show I wandered over to the very popular demo of Onrush. Over the course of the weekend I had attempted to play the demo with little success because the stand was always so busy, today I succeeded. Developed by Codemasters (who are known for their racing games) Onrush is a hectic arcade-style racing game which pits players against rival racers. I can say through first person experience that the multiplayer mode is very intense, but also extremely fun. The hilly terrain of the map allowed for extreme manoeuvres and boosts and overall my time with the game left me with a smile ear to ear. With multiple car classes each with different highlights and a single player mode as well as multiplayer I estimate that Onrush will be a big hit when its released in June 2018.

So, EGX Rezzed 2018 has come to a close. I’ve had a brilliant weekend exploring the various indie games on show and my first trip to EGX Rezzed will be a memory I cherish!  Thanks to everyone who kept up with my adventures via @Square_XO, everyone who came and spoke to me on the show floor, and everyone who read my daily roundups! I’ll leave you with a few choice favourites that I’ll remember from this year’s show.


Favourite  Presentation  – PHOGS

Favourite Console Presence – Nintendo Switch

Favourite Adventure Game – Below 

Favourite Racing Game – Onrush

Favourite Multiplayer Game – Catastronaughts 

Favourite 2D Sidescroller – Planet Alpha 

SXO Best Game In Show – Lake Ridden


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Thanks for reading – @Rebeccastow97