EGX 2019 – Our Indie Picks, Part Two

EGX article number two continues our love letter to the indie titles we got our hands on this year at EGX 2019. While all of the games at the show displayed varying levels of completion, they all demonstrated the love and dedication their developers poured into their production. Below are some of indie games to watch out for.

NB. as these games are still in development, platforms are subject to change.


Cris Tales- Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch

My time with Cris Tales was short but sweet. This RPG has a beautifully unique art style with an equally unique concept. The beginning of the demo sees us fighting in a somewhat familiar RPG style, only to be ported back in time, where we team up with a talking frog. Talking familiars aside, there is something else amiss, time has fractured and the left side of the screen represents the past, and middle the present and the right the future. As you traverse the environment, it’s fascinating to see how time effects everything, little children age in the blink of an eye and trees wilt as you skip past. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version of this game, out at some point in 2020.

Roki – PC, Switch.

I was immediately charmed by Roki’s soft art style and abundance of snow. You play as character Trove as they search for their lost brother, having to puzzle your way through the hauntingly beautiful environment as you go. In the section I got to play you have to assist a Golem with a knife stuck in her shoulder, and while Trove is instantly wary of the gentle giant, they help nonetheless. After putting together a makeshift clamp with a bear trap and a length of rope, you help the grateful Golem and head out on your way. Everything in Roki radiates a calmness and tranquillity; and it also has the crunchy footstep snow noise as you run around, which we all know makes a game 10/10 without question!

SNOW –  Very early development platforms TBC

Out of all of the wonderful games on display, SNOW is the one I am most excited to follow the progress of. With only three full time developers and one years work, what the team currently have it astounding. Sure, there was some clipping in the cutscenes and the occasional invisible wall while running around, but I’ve honestly seen triple A title games with less polish. So far SNOW is very early in development but the small section available to play has a player controlled character running around an eerily lit snowy town, loosely based on lead developer Jonathan Nielssen’s home town in Norway, while a mysterious voice communicates with you. I can’t wait to find out what mysteries lie buried beneath the snow.

Cake Bash – Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam

It will comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody that I love games I’m good at. So when I saw Cake Bash was once again playable at EGX, I made a beeline for the booth, dragging my unsuspecting friends with me. I – of course – managed to maintain my cake crown and bested my fellow games journalists, in not one, not two, but three modes! One of which was brand new and involved smashing up fortune cookies and punching the other confectioneries in the face when they got in your way. The release date is yet to be confirmed, but when it’s finally out it’ll be a must have for fans of competitive multiplayer mini games that may or may not end in divorce.