Dan & Joe’s PSX 2016 Predictions

So here we are, on the eve of what could be a massive day for Playstation owners all over the world! Tomorrow (December the 3rd) Sony host their Playstation Experience event and with it, fingers crossed, a pile of brand new games.

In our previous SquareXO podcast Joe and I gave 5 predictions on what we thought Sony could well pull out fro their Wizard’s Sleeve. If you didn’t hear the podcast (Gits!) then see below for what we hope to see.



  1. Crash Bandicoot (Shamelessly stolen from Dan ^_^ )
  2. Uncharted 4 single player DLC
  3. A new Sucker Punch title
  4. ‘Some’ VR game – nice and broad there…
  5. Permanent PS4 Slim price drop




  1. Crash Bandicoot (This is my prediction, Joe, you goal hanger)
  2. Shadow of the Colossus & Ico PS4 Remake
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider reveal
  4. Some special edition PS4Pro models
  5. New PSVita game/s (GIVE ME PSVITA LOVE!!)

Be sure to let us know if you agree and what you think might well make an appearance. & if you’re reading this after the show – tell how wrong we were!