Bouncy Bullets – PS4 | Review

Aside from vibrant visuals, Bouncy Bullets doesn’t offer anything exciting. It’s a straightforward point a to point b affair, which doesn’t get any better as you play.

After the first few very easy levels, obstacles are added to the platforming in an effort to create challenge. Some areas will have instadeath spikes, which are easily avoided. Some levels feature coloured blocks you must shoot to clear, just spam both triggers you won’t have an issue. One level even had a laser grid in front of the character as soon as you begin, yet the solution is very easy to figure out. It’s insulting easy, with no actual challenge in the levels themselves. The only challenge is the movement.

Movement is horrible, whether or not it was intentional to turn down the gravity in this game is a mystery. A simple jump will leave you floating around with quite a bit of freedom, which will probably lead to some frustrating deaths. It’s even worse when using the jump pads as that seems to randomly choose a direction for me to go in. It lacks precision, which this type of gameplay should have.

It’s not just obstacles you have to navigate around, this game does feature enemies which need dispatching using your Samus like arm cannon. You will shoot either a yellow or pink square at the enemies to kill them. As the name of the game suggests your bullets do bounce, and it seems only to needed for one enemy. It would have been better to use the bouncing mechanic for more things.

Enemy design is pitiful, a simple shape with a smiley face on it which looks like it was done with the spray can tool in Paint. They can shoot back at you, I say shoot, their aim is worse than a Stormtroopers.

Once again this game is purely for the easy platinum, which as long as you complete a set number of levels and die at least once, it’ll take 90 minutes or less at the most. Add a little bit more time to fully complete the game.

I didn’t expect performance issues yet each level seemed to judder around whilst I moved to make it a little disorienting. For the quick reaction game it’s meant to be I expected a buttery smooth experience which it never was.

Final Impressions

It may have bright visuals reminiscent of a colourful children’s TV show but the game is just dull. Unless you’re wanting some really easy trophies, I would avoid even at its cheap price.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Petite Games Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release date: 10/07/2019
Platforms: Ps4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed: PS4

Bouncy Bullets


Final Score



  • Colourful
  • Easy Platinum


  • Terrible design
  • Bad controls
  • Just not fun to play