Blood Waves – PS4 | Review

People following my reviews may have noticed I have given a few low scores. I don’t want to be known as the bad score guy……. But, well you will see.

Blood Waves is a wave-based shooter starring a bootleg looking Lara Croft who doesn’t have a name. It is set in a single room with the only other environment being a little room at the back which opens up after each wave allowing you to purchase upgrades, buy ammo for your weapons and purchase new weapons. While in this room you can also purchase traps to help you thin out the waves. That’s it, there are no other environments, also the game is single player only and offers no online options.

First off the gameplay. Shooting in this game is very unsatisfying, there is no real weight to the weapons and it feels like you are popping off a spud gun at zombies who take too many shots to go down. Movement is also shocking and the game has camera issues that bog down this already poor experience. Your move for dodging is a roll when you go into the roll it’s so slow looking and the animation itself kinda judders. The same thing happens when you jump as bootleg Lara does some sort of strange slow-motion double hop in the air. I was so bored playing this game that I decided to see how poor some parts were. Here is an example, the character you control is actually lifeless. I stood and let a bunch of zombies attack me. I had the camera turned to face my character face on, as the zombie’s attacker she stood there with the same look on her face as always, blood was flying off but the character model is still stood still as if nothing was touching her till she died.

The game also constantly re-uses the same character models over and over. When that gets stale they give the zombies weapons…… yup weapons “insert facepalm meme here”. They do mix it up later with some basic zombie gaming tropes like acid zombies that spit etc. The graphics are also poor at best, all the money seems to have been spent on rendering the main characters arse as its the only thing in the game that looks good (not that I particularly like digital arses).

So here we have a game that’s badly animated, it has 1 mode, it has one environment…… and it has a horrendous soundtrack that I almost forgot to mention. The music is this generic sounding metal thrash that makes you want to stab your ears with an ice pick even the zombies don’t sound good.

Final Impressions

Save your money don’t buy blood waves if you want to play a horde/wave mode then buy Fortnite save the world or wait for it to go free, it’s far more diverse and will offer you far more to do than this steaming pile of turd. There is far too much shovelware showing up on consoles these days and this is just another one for the pile. Some people may think the Score is harsh……. Fight me!

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Light Road Games / Publisher: Light Road Games
Release date: 11/03/3019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed on: PS4 Pro

Blood Waves


Final Score



  • It never made my PlayStation explode


  • Everything