Attack of the Toy Tanks – PS4 | Review

Immediately I’m reminded of a Wii Play mini game titled Tanks! Which did a lot of things better than this game sadly.

There’s no story to this game, just 60 levels which should take less than 1 minute to complete. With my countless blown up tanks and Gold medal chasing, it probably took me 90 mins give or take to complete all 60 with a gold medal. The total game time could take longer due to the frustratingly accurate enemy tanks, which seem to have this lock on compatibility that your tank sadly never seems to get working.

Your tanks aim seems to either be super sensitive or jittery and I felt half the shots I was taking only destroyed the enemies by sheer luck. Occasionally I would start a level and get destroyed almost instantly as the level began, that coupled with the literal tank controls can make for some frustrating controls that I never fully got to grips with. Yet did add some additional challenge.

Each level is as follows; Simply take out enemy tanks whilst not succumbing to a missile yourself in an arena-based deathmatch. Later levels add obstacles and layout changes to spice things up with enemy tanks receiving more challenging elements like the ability to shoot three instadeath missiles at once or drop mines. The levels all resemble a child’s play area, with some variety to what’s placed around. The laser beams and spiked areas while adding challenge don’t really distract from the fact it all looks over-familiar, I’d have liked to have seen some different locations or different assets used during my playthrough.

Multiplayer is included, albeit just local. It works, but again after a few different rounds, you’ll both likely get slightly bored. I don’t think adding Online play would solve this, but maybe adding more than just 2-players would make it for some chaotic fun.

Final impressions

If you’re looking for an easy platinum trophy look no further than this game.

If this quick style of game is for you, then you’ll sure to have a blast. Unfortunately, the repetition is off putting, and it’s a very basic affair. Given that there’s no obvious reason to replay this game, you’ll likely rinse it for what it does offer and delete it off your system.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Petite Games Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release date: 26/06/19
Platforms: Xbox, PS4, PS Vita, Switch
Platform Reviewed: PS4

Attack of the Toy Tanks


Final Score



  • Easy Platinum
  • Easy to learn


  • Gets fairly repetitive
  • Lacking depth
  • Not enough variation