Apple Arcade Appreciation – Spaceland

My dive into Apple Arcade has landed in a space shooter called Spaceland, not my favourite name, but we can let that one slip. The best way to describe this game is this; it’s a mini XCOM for mobile devices. That might not sound like it would work, but don’t judge too quickly. 

You start the game as space rangers responding to a distress signal, which takes you to a planet compound that has seen better days. You explore the compound, building by building as you rescue more characters and unlock new items. Along the way you will need to deal with the alien bugs and life forms that have made themselves at home. 

As you progress, more characters become available for you to play as, each with their own abilities and unlocks. You craft weapons and armours for individual characters to improve them, as well as upgrading their abilities. All of which will be required to get through the game and all have a time and place to be used.

Overall there is a good amount of depth to this turn based shooter. Missions to complete, challenges within each mission, abilities to unlock and new weapons to equip. This is a game that has a story, a reason to come back to it that isn’t just to get your daily login bonus. 

Well worth a visit for anyone who wants to put a bit more thought in their games. You won’t get through every level unscathed though, even if you give your full attention to it. However, the more time I spent playing it the more I enjoyed the challenge. I pulled together my favourite characters and found my game style.