All I want for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas, that time every year where we all seem to eat too much, family gatherings are a plenty and most of all if we are lucky there are some new games or even better a new console under the tree waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

I still remember my first Christmas console. I had really wanted an NES console, I had dropped hints like crazy but I had yet to write my list to Santa at that time so I had no idea if I was going to get it. The problem was I was one of those little buggers that knew Santa wasn’t real but I would lie about it as I thought that equalled more presents. One of my other bad habits was I would go on the hunt for my Christmas presents whenever I had the chance. One day while searching, I came across my presents and there it was, a new NES system with Mario and Duck Hunt (and also a Tomy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade handheld). I also found various toys and in my infinite childlike wisdom, I decided to write every single thing I had found onto my Santa list.

That was dumb this was the 80’s I got my ass beat for trying to find my Christmas presents and somehow my mum convinced me those were not for me she was holding them for a friend, so despite finding them I was still shocked on Christmas Day when I opened up the console.

The next big memory I have about gaming at Christmas was when I got my Mega Drive. I wanted that so bad. I had been in stores where they would let you play Sonic and I wanted that spikey blue little hedgehog so bad. I want on and on about how much I wanted a Mega Drive, there was no way they would let me down.

Christmas morning rolls around, I go downstairs and see this large box, this was it this was my Mega Drive. I start unwrapping it, I see the name it’s a Mega Drive… bundled with Altered Beast… OK, so Sonic has to be in one of these other packages… Nope. To this very day, I hate Altered Beast. I have like some sort of PTSD with that game it just comes flooding back to me that I never got Sonic with my Mega Drive. Lucky for me my birthday is in February so I never had to wait too long for it but damn that sucked.

After that, for most consoles, I bought myself it or my wife bought for me so the Christmas magic kinda went away but this year one of my kids (I have twins) is crazy into Mario (well Waluigi most of all) and I have decided to get him a switch. They are both autistic and he is crazy into technology and games all of a sudden, I can’t even play Spider-man when he is awake anymore or he just steals the pad off me. So I’m getting him a switch so he can play all the Mario games he wants and leave me to play SpiderMan but it’s going to be nice to see that little bit of Christmas magic come around again and watch my kids get the kind of excited looks on their faces I had as a child.

So what’s your favourite or not so good gaming memories at Christmas time? Let us know what gaming gifts delighted you and what disappointed you in the comments below.