Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise – Switch | Review

Originally arriving for iOS devices back in 2015, Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise has made its way onto consoles, bundled with all chapters including the newly released Chapter 5.

As Agent A, you must find the cunning and deadly spy Ruby La Rouge. Taking your revenge after she killed your boss in a cruise liner explosion. The story will have you chasing her through her hideout, solving puzzles to head deeper into her lair and put a stop to her nefarious plans. Looks like she was expecting you.

With an eye pleasing retro 60’s aesthetic and a nice Noir heavy soundtrack it really hones in on spy films from the past, with direct comparisons been the Bond films. Graphically it looks gorgeous, a simple bold style that allows the player to make out clues, hidden areas and items which you can pick up.

Gameplay wise it plays out like a tradition Point ‘n’ Click game, filled to the brim with puzzles. The puzzles themselves can be quite challenge, but the feeling of finally getting it right makes you feel extremely smart. The main loop is often completing a puzzle to gain items needed for the next, which will hopefully trigger a moment of ‘huzzah’ as you’ll work out the next part of the solution fairly quick allowing for the game to flow.

It doesn’t always flow though, A Puzzle in Disguise doesn’t hold your hand, don’t expect clues to appear if you wait a while scratching your noggin’. Keeping an eye on your surroundings may give you clues, as will some written dialogue. My advice, keep a notebook nearby to write/draw some of things you may need at a later moment. A few times I walked away from the game if a puzzle was particularly troublesome, but due to the games easy pick up and play feel it’s easy to get back into without wondering what is going on. Even though it is only a single player game, I imagine that having someone co-spy with you would make some of the puzzles a little clearer with an extra set of eyes.

Its innovative use of the Switches touchscreen is the best feature of this puzzler, playing in handheld mode the game taught me to use one finger to interact with each scene and two fingers to go back. It felt much more immersive than using the sticks and buttons to try and solve he puzzles or navigate the world, but that way also works. It’s personal choice, play how you feel comfortable.

Occasional audio bugs put me off my stride, yet never spoilt the fun been had. Hopefully a future patch can iron out those issues, other than that I didn’t run into any technical issues and it ran smoothly as I played.

Final Impressions

Agent A: A Puzzle in disguise has awoken my love for puzzle games, with an engaging loop and fantastic touch controls I think it’s a must buy for puzzle fans. Minor audio bugs aside, this mobile port works tremendously on the switch allowing me to fulfil a secret double life as a secret agent.

I look forward to Yak & Co’s next game, Down in Bermuda.

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

Developer: Yak & Co. Publisher: Yak & Co.
Release date: 29/8/19
Platforms: PS4, Xbox, Switch & iOS
Platform Reviewed on: Switch


Final Score



  • Great use of the Switch's Touchscreen
  • Challenging Puzzles


  • Occasional audio bug