A Closer look at Gioteck’s new Decal range

Gioteck has been busy recently, releasing new variations on some of its most popular lines.

The new line is certainly catching to the eye and is seemingly inspired by the likes of Minecraft, Animal Crossing and other such games. So if you are after a controller or headset which stands out from the crowd, then you need to look no further than Gioteck.


First up is the HC2 Decal edition, which comes packed with 3 different decal sets for customisation. These come in the form of Arctic camo, Night camo or Minecraft-inspired block design. the HC2 is designed for the new generation of consoles.

We’ve reviewed quite a few headsets and the HC2 is another which we would happily recommend. Sure it’s not quite up there with the more expensive headsets, but if you are after something a bit cheaper then it is hard to go wrong here.

The build quality of the HC2 can’t be argued with, plus it is also universally compatible, meaning you can use it with your PC, Switch, PlayStation or Xbox.

What I really like about this headset is that it comes with a removable mic, so you can just as easily use it for music on the go. You simply plug it in and there we have it, you’re good to go.

When gaming it’s hard to complain. The audio is lag-free, the mic crystal clear and the comfort second to none.

The headset comes with an adjustable band and the cups are padded to perfection, meaning you won’t begin to feel irritated after hours of use.

Of course, as mentioned, you can customise the headset too, thanks to the included decals, making the headset feel like your own.

We love it.

Features include:

  • 3 different decal sets – arctic camo, night camo or a Minecraft-inspired block design;
  • Plug & play on your favourite console, mobile device or PC;
  • Adjustable headband;
  • Lag-free audio;
  • Removable mic;
  • Crystal clear chat;
  • Extreme comfort;
  • 3.5mm jack;
  • Discreet inline volume and mute controls.


If you are after a Pro-style controller for your Nintendo Switch, PS3 or PC, then the WX4 Premium Wireless Controller is most likely for you.

For one, it’s a lot cheaper than the standard Pro controller and in our opinion, thanks to the bright and colourful Minecraft inspired decal, it’s an ideal second controller.

Once again, the build quality is lovely and it also feels great to hold in your hands.

What we love is the stick and buttons have a quality feel to press, while the motion and vibration support means you are not missing out on any important features.

The best thing? The controller has a 12-hour battery life, meaning you won’t be running out of battery in the middle of a gaming session.

It’s quite difficult to trust you’ll get a good quality controller when you go third party, however, you can rest assure that GioTeck is a specialist when it comes to

Features include:

  • Stunning Minecraft inspired cube and adventure designs;
  • Traditional button layout;
  • LEDs for power and player number;
  • Motion and vibration support;
  • Ergonomic design;


If you are looking for something different in the form of new JoyCons, then the GioTeck JC-20 Wireless Controllers may be for you.

Coming in either Pink and green, with Minecraft inspired cubes (as we are reviewing here), or with pastel shades, there’s plenty of choices before you even make your purchase.

What we love about the JC-20 is the shape. The traditional Nintendo JoyCons can feel quite small to hold, however, thanks to their rounded edges, the JC-20’s feel much more comfortable in your hands, in my opinion.

I personally feel the JC 20’s make gaming on the Switch a pleasure, plus they look pretty great when attached to the sides of your console.

As with the Pro controller, mentioned above, the JC-20 also comes with Motion and Vibration support, meaning you are not missing out on any of the features you would get with the standard controllers.

Again, as with the Pro Controller, the JC-20s also come with 12 hours of battery life, which is absolutely fantastic.

With 12 hours of battery life, motion and vibration, as well as a fantastic range of colours, we think the JC-20s are a fantastic alternative to the standard JoyCons.

Features Include:

  • 3 fun new colourways to match your gaming mood;
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Motion and vibration support;
  • 12-hour battery life;
  • Includes gamepad adapter and 1-metre dual charging cable.