3 Upcoming Bethesda Games You Should Get Excited About

Bethesda is a developer and publisher that many gamers will be aware of. They are responsible for some of the most iconic games across gaming history. They have iconic franchises such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and are looking to develop an Indiana Jones game. The video game market is thriving, and a few Bethesda games are on the horizon. Here are three upcoming Bethesda games that you should get excited about.


We will get to highly anticipated titles such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls, but they are far away. In the short term, the closest Bethesda game we have to come out, and one that is highly anticipated in itself, is Starfield.

People are keeping close eye on this title, as it’s the first new IP that Bethesda has developed in over 25 years. This game will be an RPG that sees the player explore space in the near future of 2330. We have seen some gameplay that shows iconic lockpicking minigames, and the features we all love with Bethesda, but in space.

As this is a Bethesda game, and Bethesda are owned by Xbox, you will be able to access this title on day one of release through the Games Pass. The title was originally slated for 2022 but will now arrive shortly in 2023.

Fallout 5

Staying in a future theme, the Fallout saga is looking to come back with a bang after the disappointment of Fallout 76. Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 were big hits, and fans are looking for the series to return to its roots when 5 releases.

We know very little about Fallout 5 right now, apart from the fact that it will release after Elder Scrolls 6. This means we don’t know where it will be set, but there are many rumours floating around. One thing is for sure, fans will be hoping that Fallout 5 takes elements from previous instalments to make it the best game yet. This means having the sense of world development from Fallout 4, the sense of quirkiness from New Vegas, and the sense of story from Fallout 3.

Fans will be hoping for favourites such as the casinos from New Vegas returning. To get you into the mood for Fallout 5 casino games, you could look to play in online casinos such as Jackpot Casino. You can sign up to some games that are likely to also be in Fallout 5, helping you fill that hole for a short while.

Elder Scrolls 6

As we mentioned earlier, Elder Scrolls 6 will arrive before Fallout 5. With that said, we also know very little about the game. It’s hard in many ways to follow the success of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, but ever since the short title reveal in 2018, nothing has really been said. This is mainly because Bethesda focuses on Starfield, but Bethesda likes to surprise us.

If you believe the rumours, we could see the franchise take us to the region of Hammerfell, in the northwest of Tamriel. With that said, there are also rumours that the game could take place across the continent, which would be a first for the game’s main series.

Of course, Elder Scrolls Online has done this, but this is in an MMO setting, rather than a single-player experience. We will have to wait and see, but the future of gaming is looking epic, with titles like this from Bethesda on the horizon.